Hot runner system for plastic injection moulds,

Hot runner System contain Manifold, Hot tip Nozzle & Temperature controller.
Various type of hot runner system is Semi Hot runner System and Fully hot runner system.
Semi Hot runner system contain one drop for two cavity / four cavity and applicable for multiple cavity mould. Fully hot runners are each cavity contains individual hot tip nozzle as it is absolutely fully automatic,


1 Avoid runner in mould,
2 Increasing productivity by reduce cycle time.
3 Proper consistency in molding because of easy filling by heating elements.
4 Best Quality in product & best competitive prices.
5 Production guarantee for a complete system application
6 Spare parts and components are available
7 Standardized wearing parts on stock
8 High availability for abrasive and aggressive materials
9 Internal, externally or internally/externally heated and controlled single or multiple
   cavity nozzles
10 Heaters with the optimal heat transmission and linear or progressive heat profile
11 Standard nozzle available
12 International Standardization and Quality
13 Easy assembly and quality checking between hot runner system and mould
14 Applied to single / multi products molds
15 Small gate distances,
16 Easy color-change.
17 Widely applied to all kinds of House hold / Engineering plastic and large products
18 Smooth gate mark(s).
19 Small gate mark.

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