Plastic Moulds & Dies  :    

Alfa Plast Mould is focused on providing precision plastic Moulds ,Dies, tools, jigs, fixture, plastic molded components for plastic products & technical solutions to small and medium sized businesses that want and need to use the such type of low cost moulds with high quality for profitably grow their businesses,

Since inception, the Company has continued to abide by its commitment to customer service and support.

We specialize in making Plastic Injection Moulds, Compression Moulds, Blow Moulds, Blow Moulds with D-Flashing unit, hot runner moulds, insert molds, single cavity and Multi cavities moulds, Precision plastic Molds, unscrew moulds,  the products of mold range including: Automotive parts, medical, Cosmetic & Packaging, Electrical,  home appliance, Industrial parts, OA, MIM Mould ( Metal Injection Mould ) etc

Our speciality is in Injection syringe moulds, Cap Moulds, Pet Preform moulds, PVC Pipe fitting moulds,  Bottle moulds, electronic items Mould, surgical Mould, pharmaceutical products Mould, automobile parts Mould, plastic test specimen moulds, Diagnostic industries products Mould, etc.

Alfa Plast Mould manufacture your moulds to high quality with degree of accuracy for greater performance and longer service life since 1992, we are having years of experience in designing and manufacturing of moulds by using latest CAD/CAM technology


Manufacturing & Services :

Automatic Injection Moulds,
Auto. Blow moulds, Auto. Blow moulds with D-Flasher Unit,
Compression moulds,
Hot Runner / semi hot runner moulds,
Hydraulic Core Puller System Moulds,
Rotational core system moulds,
Auto. Split Injection Moulds,
Dies, Jigs & Fixtures,
plastic Product Design,
plastic Mould Design,
Metal Injection Mould ( MIM )
Capsule Tablet Punches & Dies
plastic Injection Molded Components
plastic Blow Molded Components

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