Frequently Asked Questions :-

What is the normal process of a new project ? 
It usually begins with a drawing/sketch or a similar samples / prototype. We then collect the data required for an injection mold quote and any special material requirements if you may have, after study of your material & through our interview process. Once we have all of the information we need, we will complete your quote. If the project is approved, we ask for an initial advance payment of 50% of the mold cost to cover material costs, and the mould making begins. When your mould is completed, we will take mould trial & produce a few parts out of it, if you need more samples from mould running we may supply, it may attract extra cost which is not included in the price of the mold, and when parts are approved, the remaining 50% of the mold is invoiced.

What are the convenient options to send inquiry ?
You may send us product drawings / samples images by email or WhatsApp /sketches by email, or you may send inquiry at our mailing address alongwith samples, drawings hard copy, cd presentation or any convenient mode to you in English / Hindi / Gujarati language only

Which format you prefer for drawings file to send inquiry ?
You may send us product drawings / parts drawing in .IGES or .DWG, which is preferred format

Which are the preferred courier service to send samples ?
for international customers Fedex service is preferred,
for domestic customers Maruti Courier, DTDC Courier services, Bluedart etc preferred

How much max. attachment size in email you can handle for receiving drawings file/ images to forward inquiry ?
You may send us attachment files by email up to 8mb per mail, which is preferred. looking to our existing broadband connection.

For online communication do you have skype / WhatsApp /yahoo ID ?
Yes it is possible to online discuss or chat regarding inquiry in business hours in working days
pl. note our all communication details ,Click Here

What is the maximum size of mould making possible at your work ?
We are normally making moulds for up30 Ton to 250 Ton moulding machine. above this size we can make moulds but we need to send some of the mould work operation by out sourcing / jobwork basis for particular items, it depends on your component type & required operations in plates/inserts.

What is the normal dispatch terms of export ?
We are normally quote for Ex-works, however on your special request we may quote for FOB India, FOB your country, Door delivery, etc. after consulting local logistic company on behalf of you.

Are you able to Export of goods ?
Yes , we are regularly exporting goods, we are having all necessary license.

Are you able to send weekly updates regarding our mould order status ?
We are normally sending weekly email work updates to our customer by email if customer has requested us. You may check your work progress data on customer support page after getting user id & password for your project

What are the dispatch mode possible for export ?
We are able to dispatch goods by sea & by air cargo services as our city having International airport facility for air cargo & ICD at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad for sea cargo booking

What is the airport distance from your works ?
Our workshop is 16 Kms. away from international airport Ahmedabad
and 550 Kms. away from international airport Mumbai. 900 kms Away from New Delhi,

Are you sending drawings with moulds ?
We are preparing moulds with complete drawings for all parts, on your special request we may send drawings by CD/DVD by courier, some time may attract additional cost, Pl. discuss.

What is the packing facility for export ?
We are packing the moulds in wooden box, with fumigation of full box and taking certificate from authorized agency.  Click to View packing style

Which technical details you advice to send alongwith mould purchase order process  ?
We need few more technical details from you, Pl. click here for details tobe send alongwith mould purchase order. alongwith PDF / scan copy of machine catalogue if available

I have other query, what to do ?
pl. use our online Contact form to inform us, we will try to help you. or send us email at